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The Grifters :: English Literature Essays

The Grifters Imagery in The Grifters The Novel and Film of The Grifters had numerous employments of imagery, supporting the topic of sexual defilement, and the fall of the three fundamental characters’ specialty of the grift. In the novel, imagery was harder to choose. In any case, the depictions of the characters made emblematic representations of their characters and human instinct. The film had increasingly evident employments of imagery through the decision of women’s garments, the character’s activities, and their language. In the film, imagery was all over. In the start of the film, the photos of the city were clearly and dull shades, giving the city a bleak look. The camera edges caused the vehicles in the city to seem little, and the structures show up enormous to represent how little everything was among the city. The insides of the places of business and the frenzy represented that there was no chance to get out. The soundtrack of the film was representative to the pressure of the film. The haziness of visual structure of the lighting in the film, represented the obscurity of the human instinct in the story. Roy’s character as a conman is uncovered from the get-go in the story when he was vomiting after the hit to his stomach because of a fruitless con work. In the novel, he told the cop that he was simply wiped out; representing that he was a controller, and was accustomed to lying. In the start of the film, Roy offered an explanation to the cop with, â€Å"some awful shrimp†¦,† which was incredibly unexpected to me since it represented that something was somewhat fishy about Roy’s character. In the film, Roy concealed his cash behind jokester works of art, which represented the joke of his grift. The incongruity was that he paid attention to his grift so. In setting up Lilly’s character, the creator of the novel utilized the line, â€Å"Roy moved around her in vulnerable rage,† which to me represents her predominance. Moira was contrasted with a â€Å"kitty† at an opportune time in the novel, which represented her feistiness. The film indicated the lodging lift plunging to represent Moira going to Hell. At the end of the story in both the novel and the film, Lily wore Moira’s red dress in the wake of murdering her; representing the blood of both their demises. The ladies themselves were images of energy enabled by their sexuality. A minor character in the film and a progressively noticeable character in the novel was Nurse Carol.

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Interpersonal Communication Final Project free essay sample

An encounter I had in a gathering was a week ago in English class. we were alloted 4 to a gathering we needed to think of a story on how an instructor at our school was discovered dead. There was definitely no correspondence in the gathering I was in, there was three young men and 1 young lady. The young lady composed what ever she and this part in the gathering needed. At the point when myself and the other individual from the attempt to give proposals the young lady didn't react well to our info, she just acted like she heard us and composed what she needed. The gathering started to frame subgroups, two individuals who gave input yet there proposals were not utilized. The other two individuals composed what they needed, they didn’t even consideration what different individuals from the gathering thought are u happy with the nature of comm.? I was not happy with the nature of correspondence in my gathering. We will compose a custom exposition test on Relational Communication Final Project or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page on the off chance that how did correspondence influence your work in the gathering since correspondence among the gathering was below average the result of the introduction was not what I anticipated. on the off chance that the gathering had correspondence with one another and not shaped subgroups the result of our introduction would have been agreeable. Just two individuals from the gathering thoughts and information were utilized to compose the story, and if each of the four individuals recommendations would have been utilized on this story the result of our introduction would have been more noteworthy then it was. the individuals from the gathering didn't share there thoughts, who recognizes what the result could have been if all individuals would have spoken with one another. this goes to show u if your in a gathering and there is absence of correspondence your task or what ever the gathering is taking a shot at out come won't be agreeable to you. bunches qualities/shortcomings are? Among my gathering there were numerous shortcomings and almost no qualities. Our greatest shortcoming is the gathering framing in to subgroups. this reason the gathering to separate, one piece of the gathering went one way the other half went the other course. The subgroups thought of discrete thoughts, when one subgroup attempted to speak with the other to share its thoughts the other subgroup simply overlooked them and didn’t even consider utilizing there thoughts. Another shortcoming was the sharing of thoughts. on the off chance that we would have shared thoughts our undertaking would have been something more, at that point it was. During the conceptualizing procedure another individual from the gathering and I gave the young lady thoughts however our thoughts id not intrigue her she just utilized her thoughts and another individuals thought. she didn't consider utilizing our thoughts it resembled we weren’t even in a gathering. another shortcoming is the capacity of one individual from the gathering to utilize her thoughts just and not ask anybody one their opinion of it. She likewise thought one about different individuals was a superior wellspring of data, I think she enjoyed the manner in which he look so this made her focus on him more than different individuals from the gathering These two conveyed and left the two residual individuals out of the venture. The main quality that I perceive is the capacity of the subgroups to comm. Besides the fulfillment with the groups’ correspondence among one another was underneath my degree of desire. The correspondence issues in our gathering antagonistically influenced a few individuals from our gathering to work successfully as a gathering. Result of the introduction was below average to what could have been accomplished included correspondence inside the gathering been something more. Every person in the gathering had their own qualities and shortcomings to add to the gathering. There is steps I can take to better the correspondence with my gathering preceding our next venture. 2,,,Communication is significant in our day by day life. I certainly concur with the article. There are numerous approaches to associate with others, for example, writings, calls, video conferencing, and email and so forth. Obviously, Face to confront correspondence has an unmistakable preferred position over the other specialized techniques. As the article expressed, nonverbal appearances and physical demeanors assume a basic job in getting the messages through in eye to eye correspondence. Separated for that, it gives a feeling of closeness with the individual you are imparting to as it is simpler to relate with one another. When utilizing different techniques like messaging or email, it is difficult to pass on feelings that are in any case simple to appear during up close and personal correspondence. Despite the fact that video/web meetings have comparable qualities of eye to eye correspondence, the natural and encompassing components can likewise influence the different person’s comprehension of the messages. It additionally might be that something turns out badly with the web or the webcam of the individual out of nowhere separates. In general, I accept that vis-à-vis correspondence is significant particularly in conveying individual messages. There are times when it is exceptionally elusive words to depict our feeling and what we truly feel. It is crucial to have the option to share one’s considerations, sentiments and feelings utilizing a strategy that plainly conveys the message and can evoke an ideal reaction.

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FSA Essay Sample in High School

FSA Essay Sample in High SchoolYou need to be able to apply FSA essay samples in high school if you want to write a well-written paper. To do this, you will have to research different topics and write an essay on each topic. Each topic will require a different writing style so it will be important for you to know the right writing style before you try to apply FSA essay samples in high school.In order to do this, you will have to learn how to organize your thoughts and present them in an organized manner. This is the main reason why it is crucial that you learn the proper writing style when applying FSA essay samples in high school. It is very easy to write essays in high school but if you don't know how to organize your thoughts and ideas, you will have a difficult time.The last thing you should do when you are in high school is to apply FSA essay samples to your papers. There are several writing styles that you can apply but you will have to research each one in order to apply the right style to your papers. If you want to apply the right style in your papers, you will have to read the samples and learn how to apply the styles.You will also have to know the subject matter of the sample essay and the way to format the information to make it clear and simple. This is what makes the difference between you writing an essay with the right formatting and you are writing an essay that is confusing and hard to understand. This is because your application of FSA essay samples in high school will determine if you have a good academic career or not. If you are able to understand the entire document or essay you are applying, you will have an easier time to apply for college.If you think that you will be applying for college because you need an opportunity to continue your education, you will have to apply FSA essay samples in high school because it will help you toget the grades that you need to continue your studies. As a matter of fact, you will have to apply FSA essa y samples in high school because it will help you be able to apply for college and it will help you get a better grade. When you are looking for FSA essay samples in high school, you should check to see if you can find any types of letters that are similar to your paper.One of the benefits of FSA essay samples in high school is that they are very practical and you will be able to apply it to any type of paper. This is a great benefit for you as a student because you will be able to apply FSA essay samples in high school to any type of essay. However, you will have to remember that writing on different topics is a requirement of every school.When you are applying FSA essay samples in high school, you will need to consider this requirement and you will have to try to write a paper on the topic that you choose. In order to be successful in doing this, you will have to apply FSA essay samples in high school. This is a great way to learn all the different writing styles of applying FSA e ssay samples in high school.In conclusion, you should take the time to apply FSA essay samples in high school. When you learn how to apply FSA essay samples in high school, you will be able to use the papers for your high school and college applications.

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The Most Important Values That I - 1494 Words

IA. The most important values that I identify with most is dedication, improvement, empowerment, empathy, and compassion. †¢ I would say that these are most important to me because without these five elements I would not be the person I am now. I wouldn’t have gotten through my struggles without being either taught or simply observing from others how you should be in life. o Dedication has been taught to me from my family; if you were to say you were going to do something, they expect you to follow through with that actions. Always stay dedicated to others because you never know when you will be in need. With dedication comes loyalty and respect. Not only be dedicated to others but yourself as well, I was always taught to stay in school, don’t give up, keep your head up, and never say â€Å"I can’t†. Those who give up are the weak and no one should be weak in my family. o â€Å"No one is perfect but you should always strive for perfection†, this is something I was told as a child, everyone has room for improvement in every aspect of life. This was really brought u p mostly in my church, trying to a godly person, showing the love of Christ as always trying your best. Even though everyone is a sinner and will always be a sinner we should always improve in the aspects we notice that we fall short in, my church family has been a big influence in my life and with their influence I was taught always strive for who God is rather than what the world wants. I would see how my family would makeShow MoreRelatedWhat Values I Learned From My Family853 Words   |  4 PagesGrowing up with my cultural views gave me access to several important values I learned from my family. These values are very important to me, as they have shaped who I am today. The three most important values for me would be: to be honest, to be myself, and to be respectful. Each value has taught me different perspectives, abilities and given me different qualities. All three values are very important to me, however the most important one would have to be, being honest not just with others but beingRead MoreThe Top Five Personal Values845 Words   |  4 PagesThe top five personal values I consider most important are love, freedom, family security, equality, and recognition. These values all share the theme that they involve other people consider other people s thoughts. The bottom five values I consider to be the least important are having a sense of accomplishment, union with God, pleasure, achievement, and dollar reward. These values appear to be more individualistic values. The bottom 5 values are still important in life, however, they personallyRead MoreWhat I Had The Privilege Of Doing By Interviewing My Grandma And My Spanish Teacher Essay1468 Words   |  6 Pagescountry to country. It is important to think about culture through different ways and that is what I had the privilege of doing by interviewing my grandma and my Spanish teach er. Comparing and contrasting was the most important concept when it came to deciphering what the importance is when it comes to culture. I wanted to see what ideas overlapped and what people from different cultures may think differently on. My two interviews helped me to just that. The most important aspect that both intervieweesRead MoreMexican Culture929 Words   |  4 Pagesmore significant characteristics between the two cultures are values, beliefs, and important objects. I was born and spent 24 years living in Mexico so I can say that Mexico has many traditions and ideals in its culture and the three are consider very significant in this culture like values, beliefs, and important objects. One of the most important values in the Mexican culture is the family. Family values play an important role in the Mexican culture that allow members of every familyRead MorePersonal Values and Spirituality1379 Words   |  6 PagesI am fortunate to have realized my faith in god in early years of my life and experiences in life have only strengthened my faith; I was born and raised in a small town in India and my elementary to undergraduate education has been from a Christian, catholic school, Convent of Jesus Mary, a congregation established by Mother Claudine Thevnet who wanted to undertake the education of girls in India. It was in school, I first experienced the introduction to Christianity and my family being Hindu resonatedRead MoreValues Is The Core Bei ng Of Who You Are And Influences How You Conduct Yourself855 Words   |  4 Pages Values are the core being of who you are and influences how you conduct yourself. Your values are guidelines for making important decisions such as who to marry, what type of career to pursue and the list goes on. Values are grown from the time you are an infant into adulthood and do not change drastically, but can change in priority as you go through life. As Johnston (2014) states, â€Å"Much research indicates that while our attitudes and interests may change as a result of life experiences ourRead MoreWhat I Had The Privilege Of Doing By Interviewing My Grandma And My Spanish Teacher846 Words   |  4 PagesCulture is an important aspect of everyone’s lives whether they believe so or not. It is important to think about culture through different ways and that is what I had the privilege of doing by interviewing my grandma and my Spanish teacher. Comparing and contrasting was the most important concept when it came to deciphering what the importance is when it comes to culture. The most important aspect that both interviewees discussed was the importance of education and family, their values. Process MyRead MoreThe Nasw Code Of Ethics1266 Words   |  6 PagesAfter reviewing the NASW Code of Ethics, I am confident that my personal values will conform well to the social work profession. There are a few personal values of mine that may conflict to the social work profession; however, I will most certainly use my professional judgement to ensure that I will not break the NASW Code of Ethics. Overall, I found that many of my personal values were mentioned in the NASW Code of Ethics. There are several personal values of mine that conform well to the socialRead MoreA Leadership Framework Is The Foundation Of Our Ethical Leadership872 Words   |  4 Pagesof our ethical leadership style. It displays the values that each of us hold near to us in regards to ethical leadership. When creating my leadership framework, I looked intrinsically as well as used past experiences to discover what leadership values were most important to me. My leadership framework effectively establishes the important personal values that allow me to effectively lead myself and others towards success. One of the first values established in my leadership framework is â€Å"PlanningRead MoreLeadership Identity Paper Part I1622 Words   |  7 Pages Leadership Identity Paper Part I Gage Bailey Christopher Newport University This paper will serve several key principles: to summarize my past, to explain which theories of development I find most applicable to my life today and to discuss my values and how they affect my style of leadership. Firstly, after analyzing the Leadership Identity Development Model, I find myself within the Exploration/Engagement stage; I am becoming involved with many new organizations, identifying my strengths and

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1 DO WE NEED WAR PHOTOGRAPHY If we need to understand the concept of war you must realize that death and destruction falls within that notion, but why do we need to produce images of people dying and suffering, do we have the right to photograph this? I believe that we the inhabitants of this world have the right to see images in direct response to the decisions government’s policies, whether or not we can make a difference. We of our generation must take responsibility to record and preserve images so that future generations can try and understand the conflict. But I feel our generation, with the ability via television or the internet to have images of conflict viewed directly into the comfort of homes, must understand that the†¦show more content†¦War photography is more than just record shots. Sitting in a comfortable homes we can see many faces of war directly, would we have known about the Vietnamese girl running away from her village which had just been bombed with napalm? Figure 2 Helped Associated Press (AP) Nick Ut win the 1973 Spot News Photography Pulitzer Prize (Pulitzer, 1973). Figure 2 June 8, 1972, Nick Ut photograph of Phan Thá »â€¹ Kim Phà ºc Figure 3 40 year anniversary – with her grandchild It was, and still is a very highly emotive photograph that came to capture the horrors of the Vietnam War. AP’s photo editor Horst Faas , a two-times Pulitzer prizewinner, would later state that It changed the war. I met so many American soldiers who said Nicky because of your picture Ill get to go home early. (Stout, 2012) Without war photographers would we see images, or even hear about certain events, that show how personnel war is. Without Figure 4 would we have ever seen, heard or found out about Samar Hassan agony? Can an image stop bloodshed? 3 NO We the public have seen enough photograph’s to prove war is horrible anyway? Is taken pictures of death and destruction just voyeurism? If photographers generate a sufficient amount of convincing pictures, would they make people stop killing, will it become belligerent? Most of us have already seen countless images of war so do we need to see more,Show MoreRelatedPhotography Is The Human Experience1212 Words   |  5 PagesIt is truly amazing to see how far photography has come. With practical cameras only being 1800s when they were extremely large to now where everyone has one in their pocket as part of their phone. To make it even more incredible photos taken now can be shared across the world in the matter of seconds with the simple push of a button. There are even social media applications dedicated to only sharing pictures as a quick glimpse into your life. However, what is truly incredible about a picture isRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie The Thin Red Line 1314 Words   |  6 Pages The war film is a classic genre. Today, one has a wide variety of war films from which to choose. But after watching most of them one will find that they are all quite similar. The one thing that all these films have in common, even more so than the rather simil ar characters, is the way the camera is used to portray life in war and on the front line. This appears to be the most traditional and theatrical approach to portraying this subject, giving the audience what we think they want. Viewers ultimatelyRead MoreThrough the Lens Essay1262 Words   |  6 Pagessharing of graphing pictures is called into question by Susan Sontag in her essay, â€Å"Regarding the Pain of Others,† who points out that war photography should have some form of censorship because of the effect it may have on victims or families who have lost their loved ones. While Berger doesn’t seem to promote graphic photography, it seems that from his point of view, pictures such as these make a reality of what otherwise might just become another page inRead MoreThe Importance Of Journalism And Photography955 Words   |  4 PagesMany events come and go before many citizens are aware of them. This is where journalism and photography come to play. Journalism and photography allow for current events in other parts of the world to be shown to the public for awareness. Some of these events such as the time during the Arab Spring, where revolutions and protests broke out across the Middle East and North Africa, allowed for citizens to get an idea of what is going on in that particular part of the country. A world without journalismRead MoreIs Photography A New Hope?989 Words   |  4 PagesPhotography is perhaps the most compelling visual representation of world events. Images have been used to make a statement, change courses of action, even altering the way the world sees war. It is images such as Warren Richardson’s â€Å"A New Hope† that has helped causes the world over since the advent of photoj ournalism prior to the 20th century. The following essay will explore firstly, the importance of photos in journalism and secondly, how photojournalism can be subjective and lastly, how â€Å"A NewRead MoreRealism And Virtual Reality : Images Of America s Wars1532 Words   |  7 Pagesof America’s Wars â€Å" Franklin has developed an awesome essay addressing the evolution of technology used in Americas` wars also the media’s presentation of theses wars to the public in the U.S. He emphasized mostly the media’s presentation of war, the forms and methods that it has gradually evolved to, and its lies and biases. Franklin discusses, however, how the projection of the war was romanticized at the beginning since paintings was the only way to visualize and express the war . However whenRead MoreRise of Photography in the World of Art Essay1431 Words   |  6 PagesThe rise of photography began in the early 1830’s in France, and wasn’t very popular as most artists preferred a paintbrush and canvas to a new contraption that wasn’t popular and wasn’t manufactured locally or globally yet and that was fairly expensive to try to produce, and since this time it has been debated if photography deserves its place in the art world. Through the late 1800â€℠¢s and the early 1900’s it grew in popularity and throughout time photography went from being badly received to a newRead MoreFashion Promotion in 5 Years Essay1727 Words   |  7 Pagesfashion promotion) we wouldnt have ever seen a catwalk show, or brought a Fendi bag, or picked up a copy of VOGUE. If it wasnt for fashion promotion we could all be walking down the street in an oversized second hand sweater with socks and sandals and nobody would know any different. Fashion Promotion is comprised of many different subjects, such as photography, styling, illustration, graphic design, public relations, advertising and marketing. Even if at times we dont realiseRead MoreArchitectural Qualities Of The Guggenheim Museum1494 Words   |  6 Pagesits user. William Whyte suggests that this is able to be read as a language, related directly to its spatial features and geometries. This essay attempts to examine the Guggenheim’s meaning in a contextual framework of time, through the medium of photography. Discussing critical interpretation at the time of the Guggenheim’s completion, and how socio-cultural changes have translated different means of understanding the architecture and its language, and importantly, whether this is a good thing or notRead MoreThe Way I See My Future Career in Journalism1539 Words   |  7 PagesTHE WAY I SEE MY FUTURE CAREER IN JOURNALISM I have many loves in life, photography, music and writing, but eventually my love dries out. They say your career should be a pursuit that you never grow tired of, that your interest is so deep in you can never soak up too much knowledge of the subject. I have found for me, that love is journalism. When journalism is chosen as a career, society tends to have a stereotypical image of a group of photographers chasing celebrities. If

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Essay on Adults with Learning Disabilities - 1697 Words

Adults with Learning Disabilities The field has not quite reached consensus on definitions of LD, and there are professionals as well as members of the public who do not understand them or believe they exist. For example, in a Roper (1995) survey of 1,200 adults, 85% associated LD with mental retardation 66% with deafness, and 60% with blindness. In Roccos (1997) research, faculty questioned the existence of certain conditions or if they existed, the appropriateness of classifying the condition as a disability (p. 158). However, most definitions describe learning disabilities as a group of disorders that affect the ability to acquire and use listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, or math skills (Gerber and Reiff 1994;†¦show more content†¦One reason for the variance is misidentification. African-Americans and Hispanics are often inappropriately diagnosed with LD, such as speakers of African- American English whose language may be considered substandard or deficient by assessors (Gregg et al. 1996) . There is also the unresolved question yet persistent belief that one half of all adults with low literacy skills in fact have learning disabilities (Gerber and Reiff 1994, p. 121). Successful Adjustment for Adults with LD Adults with LD may face challenges in several areas of life, including education, employment, daily routines, and social interactions. However, many are able to make successful life adjustments. Research has recently been directed toward learning what factors help these adults succeed. Most of these studies used such measures of success as educational attainment, income, job level, and job and life satisfaction. Success was influenced by educational experiences and personal characteristics/ background. Educational factors included the following: high school completion; quality of elementary-secondary education; quality of postsecondary education, training, and services; and a shift from a remedial to a compensatory approach in special education (Gerber and Reiff 1994). Successful college students with LDShow MoreRelatedLearning Objectives And Outcomes Of An Adult With A Learning Disability1785 Words   |  8 PagesLearning Objectives Outcomes †¢ By the end of this lecture you will have a better understanding of what Motivation is and the theory behind it. †¢ You will have a better understanding of what Self-Determination is and why it is important to an adult with a learning disability (LD) †¢ You will have a greater knowledge of ways to empower and motivate an adult with a learning disability, as well as you will have gained techniques to foster self-determination and success for persons with LDs in a classroomRead MoreIs Hospital Admissions For Adults With A Learning Disability?1667 Words   |  7 Pagesperceived as restrictive practice and was not aware of the potential legislation put in place to safeguard vulnerable adults and the health inequalities faced by adults with a learning disability (Emerson, Baines, 2010). I have been more involved in decision making by following the Transforming care program which focuses on providing the best care for adults with a learning disability or co-morbidity. (DH, 2012) Being involved in this process gives me a feeling of involvement and understanding of whyRead MoreMusic Therapy For Children And Adults With Learning Disabilities1662 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent types of literature on the topic of music therapy, the b ackground of music therapy, how it takes place and how it helps clients with autism. A lot of the literature found on the topic music therapy found it helped children and adults with learning disabilities. This section of the dissertation will analyse the literature that is already available on music therapy and autism. It will also analyse literature on drug therapies. I will explore the history of music therapy how and why it is usedRead MoreLearning Disabilities And The Early Stages Of A Disability1650 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Learning disabilities are something a lot of people have to do it. It is a problem that affects many people around the world, and causes a lot of frustration. This people will cover the general definition of what other s ability is, and explain a little bit what it is. It will also go over some myths that are prevalent when it comes to her and Billy s learning disabilities. It will cover the criteria that needs to be met to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment for a child or youngRead MoreThe Challenges Of Learning Disabilities894 Words   |  4 Pages Challenges of Learning Disabilities There is a wide debate about whether workers with certain learning disabilities should be allowed to work in â€Å"regular jobs†. Some argue that only certain workers with learning disabilities may be allowed, so as they are self-regulated, meaning they are able to regulate their own behavior. Metacognition, understanding the strategies available for learning a task and what is needed to complete said task, is also recommended for the worker. It is agreed upon thatRead MoreSocial Cognitive Model Of Self Regulated Learning Essay1549 Words   |  7 PagesIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, students with disabilities often have lower academic success than their peers without disabilities. Researchers believe that being able to regulate cognition, motivation and behaviors in learning are key factors to success, and students with disabilities often struggle in these areas (Wagner, M., Newman, L., Cameto, R., Levine, P., 2005). Although there is little research f ocusing on self-regulation of students with disabilities, models and strategiesRead MoreAll Behaviour Has Meaning. Does Positive Behaviour Support1384 Words   |  6 PagesAll behaviour has meaning. Does positive behaviour support approaches help develop skills for people with learning disabilities, and reduce levels of challenging behaviour. Introduction All behaviour happens for a reason and challenging behaviour is no different. Behaviour takes many forms whether that’s hurting themselves or others and may take a serious impact of an individual’s daily life. It has often been temporarily dealt with temporary solutions and short time fixes and normally doesn’tRead MoreSafeguard Methods Used to Protect Vulnerable People.1716 Words   |  7 PagesIn this essay, I will examine a case study with four individual service users; Mr D, Mr R, Ms M and Ms P who are all described as vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, how and why these disabilities have lead to the service users being regarded as vulnerable. For this reason, I would define what learning disability is and the effects it may have on the individual service users. I would use the labelling theory in this concept to explain my knowledge and understanding of vulnerability. IRead MoreA Focus On Learning Disabilities Essay798 Words   |  4 PagesIden tify a Topic With a focus on learning disabilities, articles have been found using the University of Central Florida’s library database search with the keywords â€Å"learning disability† and â€Å"survey† and inclusion criteria of peer-reviewed articles that were published between the years 2006-2016. Four Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles â€Å"Post School Goals and Transition Services for Students with Learning Disabilities† (Alfred Daviso, Stephen Denny, Robert Baer, and Robert Flexer published, 2011) determinedRead MoreEducating The Mind Without Educating Our Heart Is No Education At All1507 Words   |  7 Pagesthere is more to learning then having a pedagogy. My first theme for my learning journal will be to demonstrate an appreciation to the lifelong learning; in order to do this is will reflect on my own personal learning journey and to discuss different types of learning. The second theme I will focus on is to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of barriers to learning; and to what influences a person to carry on learning or what causes them to distance themselves from learning. In my third theme

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Mobile Web Application Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts

Question: Discuss about the Mobile Web Application Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. Answer: Introduction The webs applications on the mobile have been a great development in the field of information and technologies (Dalmasso et al. 2013). In addition to this, the chatting Apps also have great impact on the development of this apps. The report consists of discussions about two of these apps. The Facebook Messenger and the Google Hangouts application taken up for discussions in this report. Overview of the Applications: Facebook Messenger: The Facebook messenger is a very useful application. It one of the most popular application for the purpose of social networking (Bailis et al. 2016). In addition to this, the application helps the people to get connected to the people of their choices. In addition to this the application is one of the most downloaded app on the android platform. This app is developed by the Facebook Company. This application is only used for the messaging function of social networking website Facebook. The app do not require any additional information about the email or the phone number of the user. They only require a valid Facebook account and the user can easily log in to the app with the login credentials that are used for Facebook. Google Hangouts: The Google Hangouts is one of the competitor of the Facebook Messenger App. This app was developed by the Google Company (Schnell et al. 2015). This app also is very popular in the field of social networking. In addition to this the app is very useful. The application is very small in size and provides efficient features to the users for chatting on the web. The people can easily get connected to other people with the help of their Gmail accounts. The only criteria for using this app is that the person has be registered on Google and the person he or she wants to connect to should also be registered on Google. The app can be very easy logged in by someone who has an active Google account, and just need to provide the Google log in credentials while logging in. Strength and Weakness of the Applications: Facebook Messenger: Strengths: The Facebook messenger is a very useful app and provides notification to user instantly in a message is received (Jobe 2013). The App supports chat bots that the uses can get information from whenever they need. In addition to this, the App provides the users the option of free calling and also video chatting. The live video feature of the app is very popular among the people. In addition to this the application provides the user the facilities of sending media files. The new update of the application also allows the users to send documents to each other. Weakness: The main weakness of the application is that the size of the app is bit high for a chat application (Erman et al. 2015). In addition to this the application is subjected to update very frequently as features are being added to the application for increasing the popularity of the application. In addition to this the size of the application increases with each update of the application. The application is generally used for informal conversations, formal conversations are very rare in this application. Gaps: The size of application is very big and hence, there is a scope to optimize the application. The data consumed by the app is also too much and hence, this issue also requires efficient addressing. Google Hangouts: Strengths: The Google hangouts provide a useful platform for the users to have formal as well as informal conversations (Dinh et al. 2013). In addition to this, the application allows the users to have the informal conversations as the mails are only used for the formal conversations. The application provides a more sophisticated approach to the chatting on web. The application provides the facilities of going live on the video chat. In addition to this the supplication is very small in size and also very easy user interface. Weakness: The application is designed by keeping in mind solely the formal methods of chatting (Medini et al. 2013). In addition to this application is less interactive and do not have a fancy outlook. The frequency of the update of the app is very low. Gaps: The looks of the application are not as attractive as the other applications and hence this features requires some up gradation. The applications is a primitive type and hence requires to incorporate some additional features in it. Discussion The two apps were considered for discussion and were under the scope of analysis by the evaluation framework that is considered in this report (Li et al. 2015). The applications are evaluated on the basis of the popularity of the applications. The popularity is decide by the number of downloads of the applications. In addition to this, the applications were also judged on the basis of their usefulness and also on the size of the application and the user interfaces. Hence, in addition to this the update of the apps and the frequency at which the apps are being updated was very useful for the analysis of the apps. The internal features of the apps were also taken for consideration. The ability of the apps to transfer the files and different kind of media in between the users and the efficiency of the transfers were also taken into account. In addition to this the video calling and the normal calling facilities provided by the apps were also considered. Recommendation The following recommendation are to be provided to the apps for their development. Firstly, the size of apps need to be very optimal. In addition to this, the applications should increase the security constrains so that the user data cannot be obtained by other sources easily. In addition to this the company should look to introduce ad free versions of the apps so the users would not be frustrated with the pop ups that come up again and again. The application should be modified so that all kinds of extensions are supported by the applications and the users can make transfer their very easily. Conclusion For conclusion it can be said that the Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts have been identified as the applications that are being used for the discussions. In addition to this the strength and weaknesses of the apps have also been provided in the report and also some recommendations have been provided for the improvement of the applications. References Bailis, P., Yang, J., Reddi, V.J. and Zhu, Y., 2016. Research for practice: web security and mobile web computing.Communications of the ACM,60(1), pp.50-53. Schnell, N., Robaszkiewicz, S., Bevilacqua, F. and Schwarz, D., 2015, January. 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